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Carla Kay graduated from the University of Washington in 1983 where she was the only parent, male or female, to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Working as a Systems Sales Engineer for Honeywell Building Systems Division, she sold the first retrofitted intelligent building in the world, The Seattle First National Bank Building, as well as the I90 tunnel and Mercer Island lids. She owned a construction company in Washington where, after retirement, took over the care of her late stage Alzheimer’s Mother using medical cannabis, until her death in 2012.

As a medical patient, grower and processor, Carla knows well the plight of the terminal and has dedicated much of her later life to the benefit of health in self and others.

Carla, aka eloquentsolution, is one of the founding members of Skunk Pharm Research who published plans for the first commercially available Closed Loop System giving all the right to use the technology and none the right to patent. Included on the website was a wealth of scientific knowledge for the medical cannabis community, penned largely by JD Ellis, aka Graywolf. She opened a consulting business where she helped end of life patients, extracting and making meds as well as sold CLS to extractors, trained operators and designed extraction facilities.

Erich Berkovitz graduated high school at 15 years old and went on to study culinary arts at Collin College in Plano Texas. He then went on to receive a CELTA from the University of Cambridge.

He suffers from Tourette’s syndrome which cause tics in his neck, back, and shoulder. This has resulted in chronic muscle fatigue and damage to the muscles and tendons in his neck and back. At a young age Erich found that cannabis was able to relieve him of his symptoms much more effectively than the Risperidone prescribed by neurologists (It should be noted that Risperidone is an antipsychotic used to treat bipolar and schizophrenia).

After many years of surviving in prohibition states Erich finally packed up his bags and moved west after getting arrested 3 times in the span of 9 months for misdemeanor possession charges. He had his OMMP card within a week of moving to Oregon and has been legal and compliant ever since.

Erich Berkovitz founded PharmEx in 2015 in response to new laws passed that year making it a felony to process our own medicine without a license. After initially applying for a license in 2016 PharmEx waited over 16 months for a license to legally operate. PharmEx was granted a license in December of 2017 with Erich Berkovitz and Cyndi Marx as P.R.Ps.

PharmEx remains an OMMP licensed facility and is one of the last three OMMP processing sites in the state. It is their goal to keep the medical cannabis program alive and thriving within the bounds of first Oregon and now federal law. It requires a healthy patient to patient transfer system, a medical support team as well as medical growers and processors supplying organic, non-gmo, tested, affordable extract and concentrate product for medical use throughout, starting with Oregon.

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